Day of Diva

Amanda, of Day of Diva, had asked me to revamp her website so that it reflected her success as a wedding planner and attract her ideal clients.

“Beatrice outdid herself with our new website. Not only is she an amazing person, she is sooooo talented. I open my website everyday just to see how beautiful it is! Thank You!”

Amanda, Day of Diva Owner & Lead Planner


DofD Branding and Mood Board

Amanda also wasn’t happy with her original logo and branding.  We decided she needed richer colors, that evoked feelings of luxury and timelessness.  Her original color was a lavender purple. As purple invokes feelings luxury, wealth, creativity, and magic (all great feelings when it comes to wedding planning) I stuck with her purple theme but took it to another level.  I decided to go with a muted plum color as her main brand color.  Amanda gave me a large selection of photos that she liked that also represented the various styles of weddings, from those I pulled 4 accent colors to be used when needed in her designs.

Her brand also needed to be a balancing act between feminine and clean. I chose a cursive font and a clean straight lined font to tie both worlds together.


Before & After

A New Home

Check out a side-by-side comparison of the old & new Day of Diva site. You can also visit the live site at


website original of DofD


New Homepage DofD
DofD Blog and Testimonial pages