Get A Boost With Threads

Take Advantage of the New Social Media App -Threads and Boost Your Entrepreneurial Journey

As an entrepreneur, your online presence and marketing strategies can make or break your success in today’s digital age. Staying up to date with the latest social media trends is crucial, and there’s a new app on the scene that’s generating quite a buzz in the entrepreneurial community: Threads. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what Threads is all about, its origins, best practices for leveraging it effectively, and why you should jump on board right away to give your entrepreneurial journey a significant boost.

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A Look Into Threads

Share your thoughts in the moment – spark a conversation.

* A Foreword:  At the time of writing this blog, Threads is just a few days old. Many features haven’t been released yet and everyone is still feeling their way around.  I’m not a Threads expert, this blog is just to encourage you to try it out for yourself because I see huge benefits when it comes to marketing your business. As things change I’ll update this content accordingly! *

1. What is Threads? Where Did it Come From?

Threads is a social media app from the creators of Instagram. While not really groundbreaking, some would say it’s a copycat of Twitter, it has taken the digital and social media landscape by storm. It’s a platform specifically designed to share what is happening in the moment, without the need for fancy photos, video or music. It’s made to get you into the conversation with realtime text updates. Threads is a dedicated space where ambitious individuals like you can connect, collaborate, and showcase their expertise to a relevant audience. 

Some key features of Threads:

– You join with your Instagram account.
– Posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length.
– You can easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose. The message from Threads is clearly, sharing is caring!

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So, everyone wants to know, how can we utilize Threads most effectively? 

Here’s what I’ve seen so far.

Best Practices to Utilize Threads Effectively:

1. Engage in Meaningful Conversations:

Threads encourages authentic interactions among its users. Engage in conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential clients or customers. Participate in relevant discussions, ask thought-provoking questions, and provide insightful answers. This will help you build valuable relationships, expand your network, and gain exposure to new opportunities.

2. Niche-focused Content Creation:

Threads provides an ideal platform to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Focus on creating captivating textual content that addresses the pain points, challenges, and trends within your niche. By consistently sharing valuable insights, tips, and relevant information, you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader and attract a loyal following.

3. Showcase Your Brand:

Make the most of Threads’ features to showcase your brand and highlight your unique value proposition. Use the app’s profile section to create a compelling bio that clearly communicates your expertise and the value you bring to the table. Leverage multimedia elements like images and videos to visually represent your brand and capture the attention of your target audience.

4. Explore Collaboration Opportunities:

Threads offers an excellent platform for finding like-minded entrepreneurs to collaborate with. Seek out individuals who complement your skills or share similar business interests. By collaborating on projects, joint ventures, or even hosting webinars together, you can tap into new audiences, expand your reach, and generate valuable leads for your business.

Why should entrepreneurs jump on using Threads right away?

Gain a competitive edge and establish yourself as an early adopter.

Threads is still in its early stages, which means the app presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain a competitive edge and establish themselves as early adopters. 

Here’s why you should jump on using Threads right away:

1. Tap into a Targeted Community:

Threads is unique that it allows you to follow the same accounts you were following over on Instagram. That means that when your Instagram audience signs up for Threads, they can choose to follow the same following as over there—which means you potentially already have a highly targeted audience that you can connect with. By jumping into conversations, posting thoughts, and sharing your ideas, you can showcase not only your knowledge, but also your personality and human side.

2. Amplify Your Brand’s Reach:

Being an early adopter of Threads positions your brand at the forefront of a growing platform. By consistently sharing high-quality content, you can capture the attention of early adopters, influencers, and potential customers who are actively seeking your valuable insights. This exposure can help you gain a competitive advantage and expand your brand’s reach.

3. Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Embracing emerging platforms like Threads showcases your willingness to adapt and embrace innovation. It demonstrates your entrepreneurial spirit and positions you as a leader in your industry. By staying ahead of the curve, you’ll be able to anticipate trends, make informed decisions, and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Putting together a marketing plan for Threads app
What Makes a Good Post on Threads?

We aren’t just regurgitating Instagram Posts. 

So What Makes A Good Post?

We’ve already established that Threads is different, and builds community in a new, more authentic way. That means that our posts are not going to be the same as Instagram. In fact Adam Mosseri posted on Threads “…what public conversations do you want to have. Do you want to engage in more of a back and forth, Threads makes sense. If not, great, probably Instagram…”.

Here’s a few ways to create a post that would encourage more conversation:

1. Start with a hook:

Grab attention with a compelling opening line. Make it witty, thought-provoking, or ask a question to get people curious. Now is a great time to make use of those Power Words! 

Try a few of these:

  • Energize
  • Illuminate
  • Grab
  • Gratify
  • Juggle
  • Maneuver
  • Raise the standards
  • Remix
  • Strike
  • Navigate
  • Nourish
  • Reflect
  • Rethink
  • Sprint
  • Take advantage of
Putting together a marketing plan for Threads app
2. Keep it concise.

Threads seems to be about brevity! Stick to the 500-character limit and focus on delivering your message concisely. Short and snappy posts seem to be receiving more comments and engagement so far.  Also, remember to make use of line breaks and emojis to make your posts easier to read.  This is not the time for long form paragraphs, keep those for your blogs.

3. Skip the Hashtags!

Hashtags are not a thing on Threads and so far the majority of the community seems to like it this way.  There are rumours that hashtags might make an appearance though so keep an eye on any new information coming out. 

4. Share a Link.

Right now, the community is happy chatting with each other and sharing ideas from their day, asking provoking questions and just hanging out with friends. But, just like on Instagram we were told to utilize all tools given to us, I believe that Threads will adopt the same philosophy. You can share links to outside sources in your posts. Now is the perfect opportunity to write your powerful, concise thought, AND send your audience to learn more on your blog, podcast, YouTube etc.  Honestly, to me it’s the best of both worlds and I am here for it!

5. Post a photo or video but occasionally.

From what I’ve seen so far, the audience of Threads is all about the text.  They are enjoying not having to get that perfect shot or look gorgeous in-front of a camera, and the more photos and videos are shared, the more pressure there is to do the same and then we become like Instagram 2.0.  So, share a photo or a video, if it adds to your text post, but don’t make it a habit—yet. Once again, this is all new to everyone and things will change and adapt with users and time. The best thing I can say is experiment and see what type of posts get you the most engagement from your audience. Remember, you’re looking to start a conversation.

6. A repost!

No, I don’t mean reposting your other social media content for threads, I mean share someone else’s post. If they had an inspiring quote, a fun question, an interesting perspective…share it! Threads is all about building community so utilize the share and encourage more conversations. 

7. Don’t Post!

Threads isn’t just about the conversations you start, but about what you can bring to someone else’s conversation. Get out there and reply. Add your own thoughts and ideas. See what new connections you can make.

Are you still wondering if you should join?

Grow in a new way.

Threads offers entrepreneurs an exciting opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow within a dedicated community. By leveraging the app’s features, you can establish your brand, network with like-minded individuals, and position yourself as an authority in your niche. So, don’t hesitate—jump on board with Threads today and propel your entrepreneurial journey to new heights!