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I believe that all eyes belong on you!

You Have Questions

I have Answers

I get it. The online marketing world can be a confusing place.

Where do you focus your energy? Is it on your website or a blog?

Do you really need to be posting on Social Media every day—isn’t that just for teens?

Are business cards dead? How can you use a QR Code instead?

What the heck is a brand and how do I get one?

If any of those questions sounded familiar, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you are in the right place.

Hey There!

I’m BEatrice

I’m the owner of Beatrice Girleanu Designs.  I believe that your business is epic and deserves to have all eyes on it.  The problem is, you, the small business owner, don’t really know how to find those eyes, or you just don’t have the time to find them (24 hours sure goes by fast!) Either way, I am here to guide you on your online marketing journey even if you aren’t sure what part of online marketing is right for your business.

I am an online marketer with experience in managing multiple, multi-level projects, from logo design to websites, and to your social media and advertising. I have a background in graphic design which helps me develop your brand strategy while keeping on top of your digital marketing goals.

I am driven by my passion for getting my clients visually out in front of their ideal client or customer. I am always ready to try new approaches to projects and keep on top of new trends while still staying true to my clients’ values and ideals. I also take courses and get new certifications on a regular basis so that I can always be at my best in my technical work.

Don't Take My Word For It

What Clients Say

Dex Gittens
Dex Gittens
I have worked with Beatrice for about 4 years. She’s helped me with content development for my personal projects as well as full design support, brochures, business cards and website design for a local charity that I support. Her work product and service is exceptional. Beatrice is a pleasure to work with and I have recommended her to folks within my network. I highly recommend working with Beatrice!
Seth Bussey
Seth Bussey
Beatrice's work is absolutely amazing. We asked her to put together a webpage for our Vacation Bible School and to design promotional ads for the program. We were very impressed by her quality work. She produced a product far superior to anything we could have done on our own. Beatrice is excellent to work with, reliable, professional, and does a fabulous job. I would highly recommend Beatrice Girleanu Designs for your future graphic design needs.
Vanessi Ferraz
Vanessi Ferraz
I totally recommend Beatrice. She did my website it turn out so cute and much better than I imagined. Great professional. She will help you out with what you need and come out with great ideas.
Kids Discipleship Club
Kids Discipleship Club
Beatrice was a pleasure to work with. Her work on our landing page was phenomenal and had great success with our Facebook Ads. Highly recommend her.

Get To Know Me better

Fun Facts!


I play piano and in fact I used to be a piano teacher as well.  I have also accompanied multiple choirs and still play piano in my church.


3 Languages

I speak English, Romanian & Hungarian.

Let’s Eat

I love to cook & bake (when I have time). Our family loves to entertain and much of our social life is spent around the table.


I have two amazing boys that I share with my handsome hubby. We are just stepping our toes into the teen-land…pray for us! Haha.