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You need to get more eyes on your business, but you don’t have time to build a website and post on Instagram every day! Let Beatrice G Designs take care of your online presence, from websites to social media, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Website Design

Without a website, does your business even exist? Believe it or not, most people will answer “no!”. Give credibility to your business with a gorgeous, visual experience–a website, where customers can learn about you, book an appointment, or catch-up on your blog.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that most new customers will vet a business by checking out its Instagram? Are you leveraging Social Media for your business? With social media only growing, (Instagram aprox. 1 billion users; Facebook aprox. 2.89 billion) now is the time to make your presence known.

Brand & Logo

Your Brand & Logo. They are not the same thing! Think of your brand identity as the nucleus of your business–this is where the identity and vision of your business is stored.  Your logo is the visual representation of that. Lucky for you, I’m here to design both!

Paid Marketing

Need help with advertising? I can set you up with Google Ads, or help you get the most value out of Facebook ads.  Want to go the traditional route and mail flyers? I can do that too.

Why Me?

I’m Different

You want to book more clients and sell more products, but for that you need more eyes on your business. How do you get those eyes? By working with me, your new web design and online marketing friend. I will help you showcase your brand & business to your ideal customer. Let’s get you online and visible!

What I Can Do…

Web Design Creative Design
Web Design
Web Design Creative Design

Technical Details

Where I shine!

I love keeping on top of the latest trends, discovering new techniques and taking courses so I can shine for you.  In addition to being a Graphic Designer, I am also Content Marketing Certified, Google Analytics Certified as well as SEO certified, so you can be sure your marketing is getting qualified attention.


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Content Marketing

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“The beauty of creative digital marketing is not just in the physical design, but in how it relates to my clients and their audience. The real beauty is how I help build relationships between my clients and their customers.” – Beatrice Girleanu

It all started with a desire to help other creators and entrepreneurs get eyes on their blogs.  Remember Blogspot? Ya I do too! I was never satisfied with seeing bloggers use those typical layouts so I designed original ones. From there my creativity and passion grew. It’s been 12 years of hard work, mistakes, and glorious wins.  Now I combine all my knowledge and experience to give my clients the best online presence.

From My Clients


It’s always wonderful to know that your clients have appreciated your work.

“Thank you for all your hard work on our website and marketing. I can truly say that my business is successful because of everything you have done for us.”

Daniel Sakson

Owner, Stone One

Starting a new company was stressful but your design skills and knowledge really helped get our new store ready.  From a new logo to a website you helped us get it all done. We especially love our new store sign. Plus your Facebook Ads knowledge really helped us promote our sales! Thanks again!”


Owner, Uniforms For You Ltd

“Thank you so much for putting together the VBS website for us. When we saw the work you did on it we were truly blown away. We’re so grateful for your time and expertise. You helped us so much and and for that we greatly thank you.”

The VBS Team

Coordination Team, VBS Central Church